A Cocktail-Bar

from another era

In the spring of 1970, Ramón Folguera associates with Jordi Tarradellas and renovates the Pierrot Bar, opened a couple of years earlier and located at number 3 of Carrer Bellafila. Ramón, until then a member of El Paraigua Bar, places a modernist elevator cabin at the door and decorates the rest of the premises in the same style. Aware of the cultural dynamics that existed in those days in Ciutat Vella, he transferred his spirit to the new bar. This is how L'Ascensor Bar was born.

Ramón Folguera does not abide by the shady Tarradellas and quits the project. The place is transferred with the mediation of a paradista from La Boqueria and passes into the hands of Mr. Morlanes. This one associates with Vicente and Corsino, one of them gay, and the other quite the opposite, who lead a period with an ambiguous but exceptional atmosphere. The fall of the regime floats in the air, and quickly becomes a cult bar. The death of the dictator causes numerous disturbances in Sant Jaume Square and its surroundings, the atmosphere of the bar declines. Vicente starts a new project in Menorca and Morlanes comes into contact with Ángel Juez, to whom he transfers the premises, and directs and manages it for more than forty years, to the present day.

Ángel spreads his young-like spirit with L'Ascensor and introduces a new environment with rock music as the key point. Being a pioneer in the night life and a change of concept prove to be success. The bar is full everyday and the atmosphere on the street is spectacular.

In 1982 there is a security crisis in Ciutat Vella. For a time, customers only comes in groups, the bar calms down and opens a new period in which music of all styles takes center stage. The atmosphere relaxes. Above all, on daily days, it becomes an intimate bar, although, quickly, on weekends, the bar is once again absolutely on fire. The accent is marked by the quality of the service.

Later in the 1990s, L'Ascensor entered the world of cocktails and spirits. Evolution is constant to this day, and the same can be said in relation to new musical sounds. An absolutely modernized vintage bar.


A true Barcelona classic.